Site average scores:at least two units needed to participate

Nick9.81 units
TADD8.41 units
Mayhem Inc8.017 units
Warlord8.02 units
Wormhole Productions7.712 units
Unknown7.51 units
MAD TA7.422 units
Central Consciousness7.45 units
TheRegisteredOne7.31 units
Lord Lihp7.31 units
Xenoargh7.12 units
Starlight TA Research7.11 units
Core Prime6.82 units
GA6.81 units
T_C & The Legacy6.74 units
M.A.G.M.A.6.72 units
Insane Systems6.610 units
Sean Mirrsen6.53 units
TA Fans6.43 units
The Legacy6.42 units
Terror Maps and Units6.33 units
BedlamDesign6.13 units
Complete Annihilation6.14 units
Design-X5.85 units
C.A.N.A.D.A.5.88 units
The Dojo5.75 units
Berthany Brand Units5.52 units
Scientific Design5.32 units
Designed 4 Demolition3.62 units
S.TA.R2.41 units
sirbin20002.11 units
SI-Tech0.21 units
mlahwlx0.01 units

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