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  Today is 1997.02.03 and here are teh news:  
  Muzzel loks like pilow - By teh Strom   

Today we find out, famos Muzzels loks like a pilow. Alot. Interesting infromation was foun wehn I loked in the famaos image galery where I saw his pciture. His cat also loks like apilow.

I also sen Hanni. Hanni loks like a rabid oxe. Yuo wouldent like him in the eye.

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  Sxy units lereases teh BABE- By teh Strom   

The sky aint dry ovre at sexy unitsd evelpment. Tehy have in a fewd ays come up with teh many col units for you to play with. This new unit is caled teh BABE and it can be downlaodead hre or hre. The unit loks like ahot wmoan and gives your trops oral plesure, heling them from teh bad enmey. Hed over to Sexyu nits rihgt now and cehk out their stuf.

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